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SAP add-ons


We have developed a collaborative platform that enables intuitive management of all the assets & service contracts within an organization. Thanks to our mobile technology you can use our apps within any type of business setting, even if no one uses PCs or has a desktop. We believe a significant part of handling orders and planning service requests can be automated. We simplify the communication and activities between providers & customers, delivering key insights to management teams and enabling workers to focus on their core tasks.

With 2CLIXZ’s mobile technology, it’s possible to automate communication to suppliers on recurrent topics, avoiding repetition. Reduce the communication with suppliers and service providers to 2 clicks. Enable requests in seconds rather than hours or days, from any location, for any asset, to any supplier, at any time. This allows your employees to focus 100% of their time on core operations. 2CLIXZ centralizes assets and supplier management communication in ONE mobile app. The tool enables both end-users and service provider to directly communicate with each other, thus eliminating unused customer web-portals which lead to more phone calls or e-mails. The result is massive productivity and time savings.

Service requests can be dispatched to the appropriate contact at suppliers in only 2 clicks. Companies can visualize all assets on interactive floor plans. Obviously, all communication can be connected to the existing systems the Service Provider or the customer are already using (ERP, Job-Ticketing, etc.)