IN-MAP displays detailed printer asset information on the end-users own internal floor plan.

In-Map is a groundbreaking software that enables you to take a whole new approach to your MPS engagements. A cloud based platform that allows ease of access for all of your team, and starts with the floor plan map as the basis for developing sales opportunities, TCO calculation, future management and strategy of a end users print device fleet.

Interactive floor plans can be accessed by the Reseller and their customers.

In-map is an easy and effective way to develop managed print services with your customers and prospects.

Marketing to new customers has never been easier.

 Potential Customers and resellers receive automatic overviews in reports and on floor plans. 

    • The ideal way to send your regular overviews to your customers.
    • Can be seen on screen or printed in your reports. Floor plans can be accessed by users and resellers

They say “A picture paints a thousand words!” A graphical display of the printer environment for any company is the easiest and most informative way for you to provide an overview.

 Floor plan based assessments are the logical step after the prospect is interested in your services. 

  • In-Map starts a conversation between a service provider and an end-user customer or prospect.
  • In-Map displays detailed printer asset information on the end-users own internal floor plan.
  • In-Map – a simple and powerful solution, for todays managed print environments.

We even have an iPad App to help you !

The iPad App displays customers print assets and gives assessment team’s full drag-and-drop functionality making it simple to place devices on customer’s floor plans.

Devices can also be placed in their current location by linking a Bluetooth bar code reader to the iPad App. This method is ideal for use in on-site “walk-thru’s” and speeding up the process of device placement on the map. An analysis of the existing printer device status will give you the ability to propose cost saving solutions for a managed print service, secure existing business AND win new customers.